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BI Kit with Doppler system.  Categories: PVR Systems, Vascular Sys
Newman Set of 8 Cuff-Link Tubing
Newman Large simpleABI Mobile Carry Bag
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Newman DD-770 Vascular Doppler
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DD-330 vascular Doppler.
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Audio PPG Probe - includes toe cuff
Newman D8 – 8MHz Vascular Probe
Newman D5 – 5MHz Vascular Probe
3MHz obstetrical probe for for use throughout pregnancy
2MHz obstetrical probe for use in later-term pregnancy.
Newman DD-300 Doppler Vascular Combo
Newman DD-700 Vascular Combo Doppler
Newman DD-700 Obstetric Combo DopplerCompare-NewMan-DigiDop-Obstretic-Dopplers

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